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Dance Families –
We have been back up and running camps and classes here at The Spirit of Dance for over 5 weeks now. We sincerely appreciate all the support as we navigate these challenging times.
We will continue to follow state guidelines and implement the following safety precautions for the foreseeable future:

  1. Social distancing in all studios and common areas
  2. Taking temperatures upon entering the studio. (all temps must be below 100.4)
  3. The regular use of hand sanitizing. At a minimum, each student will be required to use hand sanitizer when entering & exiting the facility.
  4. Limiting access to the studio to dancers and SOD staff.
  5. Daily cleaning and sanitizing by SOD staff.
  6. Deep cleaning & disinfecting by a professional cleaning company at least once a week.

While masks are recommended, we will not make them mandatory at this time. This position will be reevaluated on a regular basis and any changes will be shared with you as they are made.
The SOD staff will continue to wear masks when greeting & releasing your children and some teachers may wear masks while working in the studios.
We will equally support those parents who prefer that their students wear a mask as well as those parents who prefer that their students do not. If you prefer that your student wears a mask during class, please send them to the studio with their mask and a note that you prefer that they wear the mask at all times. If you are flexible, please indicate that as well.
We will continue to broadcast all classes online using Zoom for those parents who prefer not to have their students attend in-person classes at this time.
Thank you again for all your support. We sincerely love what we do and are committed to providing your children with a safe, loving, and supportive environment to learn and practice the art of dance.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.
Lisa O'Sullivan, Owner
The Spirit of Dance


Please join us in praying for our leaders that they will be provided with wisdom and have confidence that God is in control. 

The challenges we face may be great but, our God is always greater!

Our Mission Statement


To present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the widest possible audience through the form of dance, and personal witness. We believe that dance is not only a great art form, but a way to worship. Dance is a gift from God. He has given us these talents and we strive to give our dancing back to God.
Students of The Spirit of Dance strive to behave in a positive and constructive manner at all times and to utilize truth, fairness and integrity in the development of personal decisions and relationships both inside and out of the classroom. We believe that dance not only builds strong character, but prepares that student for life ahead.

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